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Businesses must be ready for government’s simplified tax system

By 31st August, the Government’s consultation on how to best implement a…

2 September 2021

AAT Comment

UK tax overhaul will cut errors – but at what cost?

A new tax system starting in 2023 will simplify tax administration for small businesses and the self-employed, but it could be a significant change.

11 August 2021


Families snared by inheritance tax as haul hits £6bn

ANGRY campaigners hit out as record numbers of families hit by Inheritance Tax will give the Government a £6billion windfall.

31 July 2021

Accountancy Today

The future of Capital Gains Tax in the light of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused shockwaves around the world, with financial recovery plans…

30 March 2021

Interactive Investor

Millions of home workers missing out on tax break

You could get £6 a week – or £312 a year – in relief if you’ve been forced to work at home.

10 March 2021

AAT Comment

Freeports: what are the risks and benefits of the Singapore-on-Thames model?

The Chancellor announced eight freeports in the 2021 budget. What are they and how do they work? By Steve Hemsley

08 March 2021

Financial Times

Expats stranded by pandemic face heavy tax toll

Keep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.

15 February 2021

MSN Money

Inheritance tax could increase as Rishi Sunak told ‘hike to 80% could pay for pandemic’

‘Finn Houlihan, the Managing Director at ATC Tax, believes that inheritance tax could be targeted, suggesting the rate could be raised from 40 percent to 80 percent.’

09 February 2021


Tax planning warning issued amid fears Britons may face ‘double whammy’ of higher charges

‘TAX AND the potential for reform is a topic which there has been no shortage of speculation about since the coronavirus pandemic first emerged.’

24 January 2021


Inheritance tax set to be reformed in March budget – will a wealth tax also be introduced?

‘Finn Houlihan, the Managing Director at ATC Tax, theorised on what is likley to be announced in March’

20 January 2021

Business Advice

2020 Lessons: How to manage taxes effectively in 2021

‘Tax expert Max Porter, Private Client Director at ATC Tax, offers advice on what to expect and how to handle your taxes in the coming year. ‘

12 January 2021

International Advisor

‘Major period of readjustment’ for UK expats despite Brexit deal

‘But ‘good’ news as no deal would have ‘adversely affected’ their pensions, insurance, and healthcare’

24 December 2020


What could negative interest rates mean for your finances?

‘From savingsto mortgages, pensions to insurance, the latest rumblings from the Bank of England could change the way you manage your money. ‘

29 September 2020

Accountancy Today

What Britain’s new tax system may look like in a post-Covid world

‘The impact of Covid-19 on the British economy has been seismic, with the aftershocks set to be felt for many more years to come. ‘

24 August 2020

International Advisor

Will UK wealth raid throw existing IHT plans up in the air?

‘The UK government is facing the mammoth task of balancing the books as we emerge from the global pandemic.’

17 June 2020

International Advisor

What are CGT implications for returning UK expats?

‘Coronavirus has caused extraordinary disruption to lives around the world, writes Max Porter, private client director at ATC Tax.’

3 June 2020

Financial Reporter

In the Spotlight with Finn Houlihan, ATC Tax

‘We spoke to Finn Houlihan, managing director of ATC Tax, about how brokers can help expats returning to the country and the biggest challenges Covid-19 presents to the market..’

29 May 2020

Accountancy Today

Atc Tax appoints Max Porter as private client directorr

‘He worked for tax and ‘Big Four’ accountancy firm EY, where he was responsible for supporting UK expats on various aspects of their tax affairs.’

15 May 2020

Wealth Advisor

ATC Tax appoints Private Client Director

‘ATC Tax, an independent firm of UK tax advisers based in the South West of England with a global reach, has appointed Max Porter as a Private Client Director.’

14 May 2020

Accountancy Today

Safe passage: Ensuring your clients don’t have a taxing ordeal when returning to the UK

‘Additionally, advisers can help clients restructure their finances to maximise the benefit of any allowances they’re entitled to.’

7 May 2020

Wealth Advisor

New expat UK tax consultancy launches

‘ATC Tax, a new independent firm of UK tax advisors based primarily in the south west of the UK but with a global reach, is aiming to tax advice for UK expats and individuals who have previously lived or worked in the country and who may therefore have UK tax liabilities.’

29 April 2020

International Advisor

Former Fry Group trio launch UK expat tax advice firm

An independent firm based in the southwest of England has been set up to give tax advice to UK expats and individuals.

ATC Tax will help those who have previously lived or worked in the country and who may, therefore, have UK tax liabilities.’

28 April 2020

Bloomberg Tax

INSIGHT: Maximizing Charitable Efforts in the Age of Coronavirus

‘As COVID-19 rapidly evolves, Marc Beattie and Finn Houlihan, of Arlo, discuss what taxpayers should consider when making a charitable donation.’

7 April 2020