CGT reporting and payment deadline extended

UK residential property capital gains tax  (CGT) extended 60 days

For disposals of UK residential property completed on or after 27 October 2021, the reporting and capital gains tax (CGT) payment deadline has been extended from 30 days after completion to 60 days. The previous 30-day time limit has proved to be quite challenging for taxpayers.

For UK residents, the government has clarified that where a gain is made on the disposal of a mixed-use property, the 60-day time limit only applies to the residential element.


The new deadline also applies to non-UK residents who have to report and pay CGT on the disposal of any type of UK property, whether it is residential or commercial.

Non-UK residents have faced particular problems because a Government Gateway login is required in order to set up a CGT on UK property account. Activation codes are sent by post, so they are often received outside the 30-day time limit. The alternative means having to complete a paper reporting form. The extra 30 days to report and pay should help but setting up a Government Gateway could still be problematic for those living overseas.

Ongoing issues

One of the biggest ongoing issues is that taxpayers are simply not aware of the reporting and CGT payment requirement when they make a property disposal.

  • It seems that solicitors and estate agents are not mentioning the requirements.
  • Accountants are often not informed until the tax return submission comes round. This could be up to 22 months after the completion date.

There is also a problem for self-assessment taxpayers who find they have overpaid CGT via their property account. In theory, the refund should be included within the self-assessment calculation, but this is not happening. It might be possible to obtain a CGT refund by amending the original property return, but otherwise, it means having to phone HMRC.

If you believe you are affected, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can help you process your requirements. The start point for reporting and paying CGT on UK property can be found here.